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Capitol Realty & Investments was founded on February 18, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. It is a locally owned and family operated corporation, whose goal is to generate the highest possible revenues for the investors by providing a personalized, customer satisfaction oriented real estate sales service.

Its business focus is in brokering the sales of residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the state of Washington. The office location is strategically and systematically situated in the Capitol Hill area of the City of Seattle due to the concentration of its target markets, and a sense of steady growth and market stability of that subject area. Our business philosophy is focused on honesty, integrity, and professionalism, but teamwork, creativity, and customer ship are the words that characterize our daily work.

Capitol Realty focuses on optimally and professionally assisting home buyers and sellers, as well as keen investors in successfully meeting their real estate service needs. While so doing, providing contemporary training, mentoring, and empowering of the in-house agents are given equal attention.

From its inception, Capitol Realty has played a vital role in conducting a revolutionary unique, and informativecampaign of the concept of “ Home Ownership as a Cherished  Dream of each Household” in the neighborhoods of its business operation, and it continuously strived to lead by example, on the basis of a cultural belief of strong family and community values, and nothing is more thrilling than fulfilling one’s clients’ needs and wants.

For many families, especially within that of the East African Communities, such visionary efforts materialized commendably. There were even individuals from out of state and overseas, as absentee owners, who benefited from such an effort. In hindsight, to see many families and individuals having owned their own homes before prices escalated to the level they are at now, Capitol realty prides itself for its visionary efforts, and positive role playing.


·         To ensure that our clients’ (Buyers and Sellers) interests are considered of highest priority.
·         To create a climate of enlightenment and empowerment for our in-house agents so that performance optimality can be assured.

·         To create an environment of continuity where agents discuss, and debate their ideas, experiences, and concerns that relate to their daily business


·         To establish a successful partnership with our clients, our staff members; the title and escrow companies, that respects the interests and goals of each party.


·         To become one of the well known brokerage firms in operation in the greater Seattle area.
·         To become an industry leader in our neighborhoods and to lead by example
·         To recruit and employ self-motivated, success oriented agents, who can live up to the 
Ethical Code Standards set by the State of Washington Real Estate Commission, and 
the National Real Estate Laws.
·        To maintain an office size of at least 13 sales agents.
In continuation of the historical free real estate Seminars that we used to provide in the past, locally, and in some selected cities within the United States; We are now geared up to revitalize that free service program to those who need it. This time, however, will be provided in a workshop style via this website.
For those of you who are already licensed and practicing real estate in Seattle, Washington, and others who intend to do so, we invite you to join us for our mutual economic interest. At our office, we offer personalized mentorship (coaching) programs, with great office atmosphere, and very attractive commission splits.Absolutely no desk or referral fees are charged. Call us to learn more about becoming the Real Estate Agent of the future.

In addition, all kinds of needed information concerning the subject of real estate is provided within the website for you, our customers, please also note to click at the highlighted phrases, Such as the Seattle Homes forSale, Home Buying and Selling advice, Local Schools and the Seattle Community; in order to access a wealth of useful information.
By just making your right selection of the subjects of your interest from the list under the designated subtitles, we have the confidence that you will get good use of them.

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Capitol Realty & Investments
Capitol Realty & Investments
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